Everyone says they want an interactive DJ.

What is interactive?

In these candid photos taken over the past 9 years, we believe you will see interactive at it's best:

Cecil Knight doing what he does best!


doing the Chicken Dance with a guest

What DOES this guy eat for breakfast?!

leading the Macarena

grooving to The Harlem Shuffle



"Friends In Low Places"

teaching "The Four Corners"

Doing the "YMCA" with the Bride's 80 yr. old Grandmother

"You never even called me by my name..."

whether singing, or's the personal touch


Doing' what you Love -- Lovin' what you Do

At Knight Sounds, we don't come to just "push the buttons" and play music. We come to party with you. We specialize in Weddings. Why? Because Receptions are like big family reunions with people of all ages and tastes. As a family-owned business, we find we are very comfortable in the family atmosphere. Of course, the Bride and Groom are our main focus and we do everything possible to take care of every detail so that when they get to their Reception, they can relax and enjoy their party. But, we have to admit, we absolutely adore the Grannies, and the Aunts and Uncles, etc. Therefore, our next priority is the guests and we try to see that each and every person and age group represented enjoys themselves and has a great time.  

It is a privilege and an honor to be with people during the "happy times" of their lives. We are very aware of the impact of our contribution and do our best to earn compliments like: "My Wedding Reception is the most fun party I've ever been to."

Cecil, Jo & Derek