Devin & Joey

Pine Forest Country Club

First Dance

Bride's Cake

Wedding Party Pulling The Ribbons on Cake

Groom's Cake

Father-Daughter Dance

The Divine Ms. "A"

Best Man Toasts & Tattles

The Bachelor Party Hostesses

Boy, This looks Great!

Father of Bride Toasts

Mother of Groom Toasts

Four Guests

Let me have that Tambourine!

Mother of Bride Enjoying The Fun

Party Animals

"I Love You!"

Special Dress for This Special Occasion!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Don King Sighting?

"Just between us....this is FUN!

A Pretty Red Head Eyes Handsome Groom

C O N G A !

Where's the Easter Egg Hunt?

Bride Enjoying A Mimosa

I can't do a thing with my hair!

All the eligible girls....

Honey, we're going to auction your garter!

Look at the Moulah!.

Ladies give $$ - garter UP;   Men give $$ - garter DOWN!

The trick is to keep it moving up and down for as long as possible while the

$$$ pour in and everyone has fun.  Family Friend served as 'Auctioneer'.

Mother of Bride saves the day!

All the eligible guys...

C'mere Baby! 

A Rose Petal Departure

Finally, one last picture at the end of a

 Happy Day as the new Mr. & Mrs. head off into the Sunset.

Devin & Joey, We Wish You The Very Best of Everything!