Moe & Andy
The Wedding Reception

Introduced for the very first time.

First Dance

Toast by Maid of Honor, Brittany (Moe's Sister)

Toast by Best Man, Andy's best friend, Derek Knight

Moe and her Dad

Rosemary, Moe's Mother, dances with the Groom

Andy and his Mother, Ann

Moe dances with Andy's Dad

"We Are Family!"

Look out!  It's the Blues Brothers, Jake & Elwood!

Andy's sister, Lucy, and nephew, Ethan.

C O N G A !

Good friends of the Groom,  Po & Jen from Houston.

Andy's college buddies from Austin and the University of Texas (Po, Derek, & Chris).

Andy's Dad and Sister, Annie with her son Ethan.

Another of Andy's school friends from Houston, Rica.

The incredible Jose & Elsa!

The Best Man and his Mom, Jo, both of Houston

Leslie & Jenny with Andy

Andy's friends from Dallas, Leslie & Chris Chaney

Salsa!  (Is that really John Travolta?)

Moe and her Mom

Andy and his Mom

Ann & Derek give Moe & Andy a happy send off on their Honeymoon.

The happy couple are enjoying an extended
Honeymoon in Venice, Italy

To Moe & Andy:

Coming to Boston for your Wedding was absolutely
wonderful!  Your families and friends blended together as if they were old friends.

The wedding ceremony lovingly planned by Moe was both unique and very special, and the reception
that followed could not have been more fun.  The church hall was beautifully decorated and the dinner and cake were delicious.  Thank you for allowing all of us to share in this wonderful day that marks the beginning of your new life as husband and wife. 

We wish you much love and everlasting happiness.

Jo, Derek and Cecil Knight


Digital Photos and Web Page by Jo & Derek Knight

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