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Cecil Knight
Professional Master of Ceremonies & DJ




Thank you so much for your help in making our wedding reception run so smoothly! The music was wonderful and everyone danced up a storm! We have some hilarious pictures of folks doing The Chicken Dance, YMCA, Cotton-Eyed Joe, and others. Also, you did a wonderful job emceeing. Everyone knew what was going on and things seemed to flow along. Thanks again for a remarkable reception!

Michelle and Todd

Photographers love us because they get a lot of great candid shots. Photo by G. Robison Photography, Lake Tahoe/Carson City

Letters from our Customers


I could have saved a bundle of money at the reception had I known in advance how great you are in your role as the Master of Ceremonies DJ. Jo has done her job well in training you.

I didn't have to spend all that money with the Westchase Hilton- I could have rented a VFW Hall somewhere, setup a keg of beer and several hot dogs and our guests would have been entertained and happy.

The next time I get married that's what we'll do. However, I might want to go really first class and book Jo, the "World's Greatest She-Jay"!

It was a fun filled, memorable evening and as the video shows- you had a huge part in making it so. Thanks for the memories!

Yours truly,

Bob Hutchison


Dear Mr. Knight,

My many apologies for waiting so long to send this letter. I want to thank you with all of my heart for the fantastic job you did in DeeJaying my wedding. You were attentive to the music requests and reactions to the group's likes and dislikes; I suppose being the professional you most certainly are helps make the perfect event.Music makes a huge difference at every party and I have never heard more compliments about a wedding... Of course, I hate to brag, but I think my wedding was the best darn party I have ever been to and I owe most of that to you. I attended a wedding with most of the same people that were at mine, and believe me, the D.J. was terrible. The entire time during the reception, people were whining about the lame music and the horrible time they were having. I think the only reason anyone stayed was for the free drinks. Frankly, at my wedding, everyone was having so much fun no one wanted to go.

Anyway, Cecil, I wanted to write you this letter to thank you infinitely for the SUPERB AND FANTASTIC performance and to thank you for letting me hog the microphone for a bit, to play that little ditty for my sweet husband.

Very truly yours,




Dear Cecil,

You did a great performance of coordinating and involving all of our wedding guests in the reception. It truly added a special touch and you have a wonderful way with people. We appreciate your professionalism and the quality you provided.


Warm regards,

Ann & Rick


Jo & Derek Knight
Courtesy  C & M Photography



Dear Jo & Derek,

Thank you for for your spectacular performance at our wedding reception on November 7, 1998.  Ya'll were perfect!  You made everything so smooth and fun.       The feather boa was a bit hit along with the sailor hats, hard hats and Indian head dresses.  You were a big hit and allowed everybody to have a great time.  Thank you so much and we hope someday we get the chance to work with you again.


Jennifer & Andy 



Dear Jo,

I want you to know how much I appreciate your contribution of delightful music to our celebration dinner on April 3rd. The music helped make the evening festive and we all enjoyed the dancing. Thank you for my dedication song. It was beautiful!

With much gratitude,


Cecil & Jo Knight


Dear Jo & Cecil,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with you and your music for our wedding. Everything turned out great and everyone told me so too. You both were great to work with.

Thanks a million,




Thank you for doing such a great job at DJ-ing, being a greeter as well as a sailor. Who could ask for more. I am so glad you were there to make my wedding day more special than I could ever imagine! Photo: Look out Captain Stubing!

Love Tina



Dear Cecil,

Thanks for the fantastic job you did as our DJ and Master of Ceremonies at Kristen's reception. Kristen and Steve really enjoyed the whole day. They said you were great.

The compliments are still coming-- great DJ; good music; loved his style; what a character; super MC and great personality! We really appreciate the way you ran the show. It could not have been more perfect. Everyone had a good time. Can't wait to see the video. It will be fun to sit back and see the fun time had by all.


Marlene & Ed


Dear Cecil,

Thank you for being the world's greatest DJ at our daughter's wedding reception! You were fabulous! Everything was so well orchestrated and went so smoothly. Everyone in Colorado County is still talking about what fun we all had! I've already had two telephone calls asking "Who was that DJ?". So naturally I gave them your number.

Unfortunately, I have no more daughters to get married but anytime I need a DJ, I'll think of the wonderful time we had and give you a call.

Thanks again for the wonderful memories we will be talking about for years to come!


Jeannie Sue


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