Who is Knight Sounds?


From Wedding Receptions to Birthday Parties and Corporate Events, we perform entertaining shows designed to get everyone involved (including granny Photo).

Who is Knight Sounds?


Knight Sounds was founded by Cecil & Jo Knight in 1989. It is a family owned and operated business which provides talent and entertainment for parties and special events for individuals and corporations.

Cecil is a 25 year veteran of the radio and television industry. You have heard him as Houston’s eye-in-the-sky jet helicopter traffic personality on KLDE, KKHT 96.5, Z-Rock and Channel 2. An experienced entertainer, professional announcer, Master of Ceremonies, stand-up comedian and fledgling actor, Cecil has charmed audiences with his glowing personality and devilishly good humor!

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Joining Cecil are his wife Jo and son Derek Knight. An accomplished DJ team, Jo & Derek have performed since 1990 in the Houston area. The popular duo plays to rave reviews and is known for their interactive party skills and wild conga lines!

Knight Sounds has become well known and highly respected in the fast-moving Houston entertainment market. In demand by prominent country clubs and fine hotels, we are relied upon to provide for the entertainment needs of their VIPs and discriminating clientele.

We are proud to say that many professionals in the wedding industry, such as photographers, catering managers and event planners, consistently refer their clients to Knight Sounds because they know they will not be disappointed. This trust represents the highest form of compliment since their reputations are also ‘on the line’ with each and every referral. We work hard to earn and keep the trust of our customers and colleagues.

There are all kinds of parties


iconWedding Receptions
iconCorporate Events
iconChristmas Parties
iconBirthdays & Anniversaries
iconNew Years Parties
iconPicnics & Pool Parties

Christmas Parties, Pool Parties, Over-the-Hill Parties, Graduation Parties, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, Company Parties, Corporate Events, Picnics, Family Reunions, Class Reunions, and of course...

Wedding Receptions

While this list can go on and on, we will tailor our comments here to the wedding reception. The guest list at a wedding reception will bring a variety of people of differing ages and musical tastes. As a bride, keep in mind that the guest list usually includes not only those of the same general age of the bride and groom but also those in the age bracket of the mom and dad as well as the age of the grandparents. When was the last time you threw a party and invited your grandmother? It’s commonplace at wedding receptions, and they are definitely one age group you need to make sure gets some special attention at your event.

The common denominator in all of these parties is that there is a group of people being invited to an event. The organizer needs someone who can ‘take the ball and run with it’ on their behalf.

What Makes Us Different


Being a family owned and operated business has it's advantages. When you talk with us you are either talking with Cecil or Jo Knight, the husband/wife team, who along with their son Derek are the main ingredients in the success of Knight Sounds.

The concept of talking directly with the person or persons who will be appearing at your event is important from the standpoint of you knowing and feeling comfortable with the talent who will be performing at your event. It is where personalized service really begins. If your are trying to book an Emcee/DJ and the company you are talking with will not tell you the specific person you are going to have at your reception, beware.

Our objective!

Simply stated, our objective is to have your party or event happen just the way you want it to happen. Many Brides and Grooms want their reception to be a real get-down party, while other are looking for something more elegant and sophisticated. Our notions of your party are not pre-conceived. We do our best to listen to what you want, how you want announcements to be made, the type of music you want (and don't want) and to perform accordingly. It's your party and we are there to do it your way.

Keep in mind when considering music, while you may have specific likes and dislikes, your invited guest's tastes need to be considered too. Somewhere in the overall mix of those tastes is a great party waiting to happen.


Your Event is Special!

We believe that your disc jockey should not only play music, he or she should be a focal point for your event. Your entertainer is your coordinator, your guide, and your master of ceremonies. At receptions, he or she is the smiling person your guests first meet. At parties, the DJ is the first to encourage you to dance. And when it comes time for your grand entrance, he is the one that announces your presence to your waiting guests. Experience counts.

At Knight Sounds, we choose not to rate ourselves against the competition by how much wattage our equipment produces, or how much fog and how many lights we can string up. We choose to rate ourselves by the way in which we perform your event. Sure, you can save a little money by renting a "Budget DJ" to play your event. But if you're concerned about quality and appearance, think twice. At Knight Sounds, we don't just play your event, we perform your event. We've been serving Houston brides for almost ten years, and we think we are pretty darn good at it. Professional, reliable, competent, and simply the best.

We invite you to browse around our web page. If you have questions or would like more information about us, or simply would like to hear our melodious voices, please call us at (214) 893-9858. Thank you!

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