Cecil Knight

'Someone Special'



An Extraordinary Professional DJ/Entertainer, Professional Master of Ceremonies,

Radio Personality, Radio News Journalist, TV News, Weather and Sports, Play by Play Sports,

Actor, Stand-up Comedian, and an all-around nice guy who loves what he does!





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo by Charles Falk

These days, everyone wants an 'interactive' DJ - not just a 'button pusher'.   Cecil Knight is the ultimate interactive DJ/MC/Entertainer.

He can work a crowd with class and fun appealing to every guest from the youngest to the oldest. 


Brides and their families adore him and refer their relatives and friends.


Cecil scores with a funny quip - check out the reactions!

That funny schtick works every time...

A kiss from a grateful Sister of the Bride



Corporate  Events


Prestigious Houston Law Firm

The "Big Guy"


Cecil, professional  MC,  at a large corporate event.

Cecil and fellow DJ/Lighting/Sound Director, Jason Lillico set up for large corporate event.


The choice of Corporations and Country Clubs to MC and entertain at their important functions.  Cecil is known for being  able to interface with top level executives, event coordinators and other vendors (even other clowns).  While working from a script on a Corporate presentation is one of Cecil's strong points, he can also improvise and think on his feet while working the crowd with a microphone in a live event setting.

Ms. Cynthia Wood Mitchell enjoying a Knight Sounds moment at her pavillion.

Corporate  Executives (have 'Soul'!)

New Year's Eve Bash at a large construction company party.

Credit Union Executive, Wife and Employees at Holiday Party

Gorgeous Computer Corporation Brass

Sing with me!

There are two things in life you never forget how to do...

The Owner and "Elvis" get on the same wave length.






Entertainers who present their live stage shows rely on Cecil as their Master of Ceremonies to 'glue it all together', make it flow and make it fit.

Above with Joseph Anthony, "Reflections of Elvis", Cecil has performed numerous events from California to New Jersey to the casinos of the Gulf Coast.


Cecil with singer Frankie "Sea Cruise"  Ford at The Isle of Capri Casino in Biloxi Mississippi.


on stage at the Isle of Capri, Biloxi

Cecil with Singer Merrilee "Angel of the Morning" Rush

On stage at the Isle of Capri Auditorium

The Trilogy

Warming up the Isle of Capri crowd before the show.

Cecil with the entire cast of Joseph Anthony's "Reflections of Elvis" including the legendary

Stamps Quartet, the longtime back-up group for Elvis Presley.



Cecil - The Darling of the

Country Club Set!


Cecil with Shirley Sembritzky, Club Manager of the Champions Golf Club.

Cecil is Shirley's DJ/Entertainer of choice.


Shirley & Sharon decorate Champions before an event.


 Work it!  Work it!

"A little bit lower now..."


Cecil with Virginia Weeks, Event Coordinator for Kingwood Country Club.

Cecil has done numerous club sponsored events at Kingwood over the past years.


Twinkles and Cecil and the Kingwood Country Club Kids' Halloween Party




Loved by Professional

Photographers and Videographers!


Photographers and Videographers love working with Cecil because

they know there will be no shortage of good photos of people having a great time!




The Entertainment Mafia!




WE invite you to see for yourself how to have

FUN - The Knight Sounds Way!

People of all ages get in on the fun.


The faces say it all!!!

Guests belt it out with Cecil.

the chicks?


What!  No string quartet?


G A T O R!!!

Spotlight on the guests.






Look out Gene Simmons!

Watching is always fun!

Now here's how you do it...




Cecil and Kevin - a Knight Sounds DJ count their money.


Cecil and Jo Knight